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Alcons at the Australian Scout Jamboree

David Davies 10 November 2010
Alcons at the Australian Scout Jamboree

An extensive Alcons Audio PA system was deployed to satisfy the diverse musical/performance requirements of the 22nd Australian Scout Jamboree, which took place near Appin, New South Wales.

For the main arena, Sydney-based Loud and Clear specified an Alcons system comprising 24 LR14s, eight LR14Bs and eight BF181s, with two further LR14s as front-fills and six VR12s as stage monitors. Power came from ALC2 and ALC4 amplifiers with DDP digital drive processors, while the monitors employed a further ALC2 with DDP.

“It was a demanding job with many challenges,” said Loud And Clear’s David Betterridge.  “On one night there was an official opening ceremony with 30-piece orchestra, 60-strong choir, DJs and roving video feeds with audio. Then, on the next, it was three high profile rock bands.

“There was also a cinema night, which involved placing some of the VR12s that were being used for band foldback into a (very large) surround sound setup, a comedy night, a Jamboree Idol singing contest and the closing ceremony plus, of course, the ubiquitous scout Gang Show, which is a variety show with every imaginable type of music and drama.”

Despite the challenging nature of the event, the Alcons system is said to have delivered excellent sound quality. Remarked Betteridge: “I was so impressed that such a small PA covered such a large area. It doesn’t have the insane power of a big concert rig, but it threw effortlessly to the very back and sides of the arena, with excellent vocal clarity and stereo imaging throughout. Everyone heard everything, all the time, which was a tough brief to fulfil, given the wide array of material and conditions it had to cope with.”

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