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A&H used to mix Broken Bells

Murray Stassen 5 June 2014
A&H used to mix Broken Bells

Broken Bells FOH engineer, Dave McDonald, selected an Allen & Heath modular iLive system for the American indie-rock act’s US and European tour.

The group consists of artist/producer Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and James Mercer, the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Shins.

McDonald has clients ranging from Adele and Air to Frank Ocean and Florence & the Machine. He chose an iLive-112 Surface with iDR10 Mixrack, with the addition of a Dante network card delivering up to 64 channels to a recording rig.

“There’s so much going on with the band’s vocals – it’s very ‘Beatles-esque’ and psychedelic, but iLive has all that I need onboard. Sometimes when you add effects you’re struggling to hear them, and it’s not quite right but with iLive they’re very accurate,” explains McDonald.

“There are two types of engineer, the technical and the artistic and I’m definitely one of the artistic ones. iLive helps me be more creative – it’s the closest thing to the feel and flow of an analogue desk. It’s traditional old school mixing. It’s also a very powerful box, and I’ve got everything right there without the need for any outboard. Could I gig on any other board? I think the answer would have to be ‘No’,” concludes McDonald.

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