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AES releases live sound seminar and technical tour details

test 25 September 2007

US: The August print issue of Pro Sound News Europe brought coverage of the strong programme of live sound seminars taking place at the 123rd AES Convention in New York this year. Now PSN-e is able to inform you about some of the other events happening at AES between October 5th and 8th, writes Anthony Lord.

Historical committee chair Harry Hirsch has enlisted a group of pro audio doyens to give an authoritative perspective to the technical and creative developments that have had an impact on the industry. “As a studio owner and builder who has logged over 40 years at the hub of New York’s recording scene, Harry Hirsch is uniquely qualified to steer this integral convention component,” said AES executive director Roger Furness. “The Historical Program he has developed is sure to spark keen interest among attendees, young and old alike.”

The historical events will include: A celebration of history-making New York studios; Legends of Nashville sound/History of Nashville’s recording studios; the history of surround; and Chaos begets order: live sound becomes an industry.

The always-controversial issue of recording levels will be tackled by an all-star panel moderated by the multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning president of Gateway Mastering & DVD, Bob Ludwig. The title of the seminar to be addressed by the AES Platinum Mastering panel is ‘Level wars and other mastering issues in the context of the new record-business paradigm’.

As electronic gaming design and performance techniques grow in sophistication, audio’s role in the playing experience has become paramount to players and developers alike. Accordingly, AES 123rd Convention workshop and tutorial chair Alex Case invited THX design engineering manager Steven Martz to develop events that provide attendees with a crash course in creating sound for interactive gaming. The subjects the game workshops and tutorials will cover include adaptive music for games, audio for games, and developing audio for games.

“In chairing both the workshop and the tutorial committees, Alex Case has done an extraordinary job in researching and coordinating these AES Convention linchpins,” remarked convention chair Jim Anderson. “The diversity and authority of these events represent the apex of knowledge sharing, and attendees are certain to reap long-term benefits from their participation.”

In other news, the AES has issued details of an extensive series of technical tours of leading New York recording studios, musical facilities and broadcasting companies, to be held during Convention week. These include Avatar Studios (October 5th), Legacy Recording Studios (6th), Sear Sound Studios (7th) and audio post-production facility Broadway Sound (8th). The complete programme is available through the link below.

“AES 123rd Convention Technical Tours chair Lou Manno (pictured) had a wealth of options available for this year’s programme,” said Commmittee chair Jim Anderson. “His selections represent an exceptional sampling of this city’s diverse pro audio community.”

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