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AES details 125 workshop plans

test 5 August 2008

US: Archiving and the retro format trend will be among the key workshop themes at AES 125, writes David Davies. “Our mandate for the 125th AES Convention Workshops Program was to identify the most compelling issues facing the pro-audio industry, and to select panels capable of clarifying them,” said workshops co-chair Dave Harris (pictured). “In addition to a number of strong individual presentations, we have also grouped a pair of presentation tracks to address Archiving and Game Audio as comprehensively as possible.”

Sessions scheduled to take place in the Archiving Workshops strand include ‘How to avoid critical data loss after catastrophic system failure’, moderated by Chris Bross; ‘analysing, recommending and searching audio content – commercial applications of music information retrieval’, moderated by Jay LeBoeuf; and ‘archiving and presentation for audio engineers’, moderated by Konrad Strauss.

The Video Game Audio strand, meanwhile, will encompass such sessions as ‘navigating the technology minefield in game audio’, moderated by Marc Schaefgen; ‘interactive MIDI-based technologies for game audio’, overseen by Chris Grigg; and ‘file formats for interactive applications and games’, helmed by Bernhard Grill.

Additional workshops include ‘revolt of the mastering engineers’, moderated by Paul Stubblebine, and ‘mistakes we have made, mostly in audio engineering’. The latter workshop will feature input from industry figures including Peter Eastty (Oxford Digital Limited (UK)), George Massenburg (Massenburg Design Works), Jim McTigue (Euphonix), and experienced marketing analyst and technical writer/journalist (not to mention regular PSNE contributor) Mel Lambert, who will be reflecting on his spell a decade ago as international marketing director at Otari Corporation.

“I was lured by some interesting promises from a large corporation that seemed, at first consideration, to represent a fascinating challenge: how to capitalise on the current success of RADAR II hard-disc technologies and the promise of the in-development ADVANTA digital console project,” Lambert recalls to PSN-e. “Unfortunately, within several months of my joining the company, iZ Technology took over international distribution of the RADAR II product line and the ADVANTA project was cancelled. With hindsight, I should have looked more carefully at the company’s long-term development plans, and listened to the advice of a handful of close friends, whose insight – for reasons I cannot explain – I ignored. But, all in all, it was a salutary experience, and one that in reality I would not have missed.”

The 125th AES Convention will be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from October 2nd to 5th.

IMAGE CREDIT: Alex Storm, courtesy of Dolby Labs

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