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Aerielle unleashes the i2i Stream

test 31 March 2009

US: The new wireless digital device is intended "to elevate the experience of listening to audio", reports David Davies. Developed by California-based Aerielle Inc, the i2i Stream wireless digital device is said to be the first to allow users to broadcast audio from media sources – for example, iPods, musical instruments and gaming devices – to earphones/headphones and speakers of their choice.

The i2i Stream can send and receive music and other sound files within a 30ft-plus radius using fitted transmitters on a 2.4GHz frequency. A total of seven different frequences are available, colour-coded for ease of use when broadcasting audio. Fully charged, the i2i Stream provides seven hours of continuous use.

Available now, the i2i Stream works with all standard earphones/headphones and speakers, allowing consumers to listen wirelessly to any single audio source.

Aerielle Inc’s CEO, Art Cohen, tells PSN-e: "With the ability to stream from a desktop, laptop, games console, TV, iPod, MP3 [player] and electronic guitar to the earphones, headphones or speakers of your choice, the i2i Stream elevates the hours of fun without having to compromise on sound quality, share earphones or disturb anyone else."

Meanwhile, editor Dave Robinson has been putting the i2i Stream through its paces in the PSNE office. "It means I can listen to my favourite kind of punishing techno and clock-tick electronica without disturbing the rest of my colleagues, while giving me freedom to move around the office," he enthuses. "The only downer is that the i2i Stream units will run out of juice after six hours and have to be recharged through the USB connection, and the units won’t operate while they are charging. Therefore, you have to manage the use of the i2i Stream carefully."


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