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Aegean Islands’ super-club takes the alpha course

test 3 April 2007

GREECE: A large capacity club on the Aegean island of Chios has been equipped with a Dynacord alpha system. AV services company Focus Studio and Dynacord’s Greek distribution partner, Nedis S.A., were involved in a project that also drew on the input of a team of Dynacord technicians, reports PSN-e.

In the wake of a period of market appraisal that saw the Dynacord system emerge as “the clear leader”, the 1,200-capacity Palazzo – which regularly hosts sets from internationally-renowned DJs – now features an alpha specification led by six tops and six subs in the main area of the Palazzo, with two additional MX 12 boxes sited in the upper gallery.

Overall planning and implementation of the installation was carried out by Dynacord’s Greek distribution partner, Nedis S.A., and Focus Studio, while a team of Dynacord technicians also flew in to lend their assistance.

“We are more than satisfied with the sound in every last corner of the Palazzo, and so are our guests and the DJs,” commented the club’s manager, Tsatsalis Leonidas. “The alpha was absolutely the right choice.”

The installation sees the Palazzo join the ranks of a number of top clubs worldwide – including New York’s Pacha – to be making use of Dynacord alpha systems.

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