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A word in your shell-like: IoA to discuss audibility

test 19 May 2009

UK: ‘Did you hear that?’ will examine issues surrounding the imposition of threshold levels, writes David Davies. Subtitled ‘concepts of audibility and inaudibility’, the June 23 event in London will also address topics including subjective audibility, the measurement of quantified thresholds and the maximums of audibility.

Organised by the Measurement & Instrumentation Committee of the Institute of Acoustics, the one-day session will take place at the Royal Society, London, and feature papers from industry, local government, consultants and research establishments.

Architects, publicans, concert promoters, entertainment providers, consultants and manufacturers are among the target groups for the session.

William Egan, managing director of sound and vibration measurement and analysis equipment manufacturer Bruel & Kjaer UK, tells PSN-e: "Legislation concerning minimum and maximum levels of noise is a fast-developing topic. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for acoustic professionals to discuss the many different areas of audibility and gain a greater understanding."

In other news, the IoA is currently organising the eighth Euronoise conference and exhibition on noise. Scheduled to take place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from October 26-28, Euronoise 2009 will incorporate several plenary sessions and approximately 500 papers on various aspects of noise control. The theme of ‘Action on Noise in Europe’ will underpin an event to be opened by Roseanna Cunningham MSP, who is minister for the environment in the Scottish Parliament.


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