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A very old trick for the Young Knives

test 29 July 2008

UK: The band’s latest single was recorded straight to vinyl at Electric Mastering in London, writes David Davies. The session for ‘Turn Tail’ was overseen by renowned mastering engineer Guy Davie, who recently joined Electric Mastering after 18 years with The Exchange. It is believed that the Young Knives single represents the first straight-to-vinyl recording for commercial release since the prog-rock heyday of the early 1970s.

The recording was achieved by setting up of a pair of Royer ribbon microphones, which were routed through a pair of Neve mic pre-amps and a Fairchild compressor into the studio’s vintage 1970s EMI TG12410 transfer desk. The signal then went straight to the cutting lathe, where the vinyl cut was handled by Mandy Parnell.

“The band set up in the room – just drums, acoustic guitar and bass, with a small bass amp – and then ran through the songs a few times. We did a couple of test cuts and then cut the vinyl,” Guy Davie tells PSN-e. “The session went incredibly smoothly considering what could have gone wrong! It came out really well – I was very pleased. It sounds really intimate – no reverb. It’s like they are in your sitting room playing for you.”

Located in Westbourne Studios, Electric Mastering is home to an extensive array of both vintage and cutting-edge equipment. Among other items, the facility’s inventory also includes a 1950s EMI mono _” tape recorder, a Pyramix digital workstation, Prism Sound ADA-8XR multi-track converters and Meyer X-10 monitors.

In addition to the Young Knives, Electric Mastering has also recently played host to Mystery Jets, Simian Mobile Disco, Laura Marling, Feist and Foals, among many others.

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