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A raft of new products from Rycote

test 16 June 2009

UK: The company has launched a host of new products, including a large range of foam microphone windshields, reports David Davies. The Stroud-based manufacturer’s other new items are the Rycote for Video system and the redesigned version of the Softie windshield and microphone mount system.

The new foam microphone windshields (pictured) are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and in a choice of standard or velour finish. Designed for use with microphones of all types – including small- and large-diaphragm mics, hand-held reporter’s models, and shotgun mics – the new windshields are made of durable high-quality acoustic foam which is resistant to damage from moisture and sunlight, and offer up to 20dB of pop and wind attenuation depending on conditions, but without concurrent high-frequency loss. The foam can be custom-printed with company logos if required, using either the transfer or flock process for a thicker, more durable printed logo.

Rycote has also announced the launch of a redesigned version of its Softie windshield and microphone mount incorporating the company’s patented Lyre suspension technology. As a result of the improvements, the new system has a lower overall weight (145 grammes) and offers better isolation from handling noise. The main components of the system include the slip-on Softie Windshield (available in two models with different diameters) and the Universal Softie Lyre Mount and Bracket. The Universal Softie Lyre Mount is available with either a lightweight, ergonomic Pistol Grip Handle or Rycote’s Camera Clamp Adaptor.

Meanwhile, the Rycote for Video system – described as a combined microphone shockmount/suspension and compact windscreen aimed at videographers – is designed for use with high-quality camcorder microphones and comprises several new Rycote products: the InVision Video shockmount/suspension, the InVision Video Hot Shoe Adaptor, the InVision Video Quarter-inch Adaptor, and the MiniScreen windshield.

Summing up the flurry of new product developments, technical director Simon Davies tells PSN-e that “the last few years have seen a great deal of R&D activity at Rycote, the aim being to provide microphones with better isolation from wind and handling noise by use of new technology and materials. The Lyre webs were the first fruits of this activity, and these new products also derive from those R&D efforts. The new Softie sees us complete the extension of the patented Lyre design across all of our market-leading suspensions, our new foam windshields make use of recently developed UV- and moisture-resistant acoustic foam, and the Rycote for Video system offers videographers and camcorder users a dedicated and affordably priced suspension and windshield system, again using an adaption of the Lyre design.”

In recent application news, Mark Becker has been using Rycote’s Softie camera mount and windshield for his latest HD video recordings of microlight trips along the coast of Mozambique organised through his company Free to Adventure. Becker decided to approach Rycote after being plagued by the sound of the wind during work on his documentary ‘Flying the Falls’.

As a result, work on latest project ‘Flying the Blue’ – about a 3,000-mile journey up the coastal atolls and reefs of Mozambique – is said to have progressed much more smoothly. “It transformed what I was doing,” observed Becker.

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