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A life in the circus for Midas’s PRO6

test 7 April 2009

GERMANY: The digital live system has a starring role in the latest tour of Andr_ Heller’s circus production, Afrika! Afrika!, reports PSN-e. The sound requirements for the show – which has been on the road since November – are being overseen by Christian Ruppel, who observed that the Midas PRO6 at FOH "makes my job a whole lot easier".

An innovative blend of acrobatics, dance and music, Afrika! Afrika! has already racked up 50 German shows during its latest trek.

The networking capability and freely configurable POP groups are among the PRO6 features praised by Ruppel, who also noted that "the filters, dynamics and effects are phenomenal, the sound outstanding, [and] the preamps – even if you stray [from] time to time into the red – completely impervious to overload".

A long-time aficionado of Midas consoles – including Heritage, XL3, XL4 and Venice – Ruppel also found the compact size of the PRO6 a boon. "The organisers, naturally, are delighted because it means that the seating area sacrificed to the FOH position need only be five seats wide. Other desks make a far bigger hole in the auditorium," he said.


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