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A-ha ‘takes on’ NEXO at massive Oslo show

test 8 September 2009

NORWAY: Frontlite AS deployed a NEXO system for what is reported to have been Scandinavia’s largest outdoor concert, writes PSN-e. In addition to a headline performance by A-ha – currently riding high on the back of their ninth studio album release, Foot of the Mountain – the one-day VG-Lista Topp 20 concert in central Oslo featured sets by fellow Norwegian acts Alexander Rybak and BigBang.

Minimising the spill of concert sound into the nearby business district was among the requirements for the audio system set-up, which was configured by engineer Stuart Kerrison.

Taking place in the Radhusplassen open square adjacent to the harbour, the system featured 17 flown NEXO GEO T cabinets left and right of the stage, accompanied by two side-hang towers each comprising 16 GEO T boxes. Nine NEXO CD18 subs were located below both sides of the stage, supplemented by six more at the sidefill positions and another five subs under the relay screen. A further 16-box hang of GEO T handled the rear section of the crowd.

Amplification included 40 CAMCO Vortex 6 amps for the main PA and sidefill, and 18 V200 models for the subs. The show was mixed by Dag Stephen Solberg using a Soundcraft Vi6 digital console.

"This is our fifth year on this show, and we’ve used GEO T for the last four," recalled Kerrison. "The system is better than ever, using the latest NXStream software load from NEXO, and the cabinets throw longer while still outputting at a decent level. In terms of designing a highly-directive system that ‘contains’ an audience, I have a picture of what I want to hear, and GEO T gets me there very easily. I don’t have to fight with the system."



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