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A classical debut for Martin Audio’s MLA Compact

Erica Basnicki 5 September 2012
A classical debut for Martin Audio’s MLA Compact

Swedish hire company DM Audio debuted their new Martin Audio MLA Compact system for the 36th annual classical prom picnic outside The Maritime Museum in Stockholm.   The concert series, presented by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra (RSPO) conducted by Marc Soustrot, was attended by 25,000-30,000 classical music fans.   The comprehensive programme included popular works by Bizet, Gershwin, Schubert, Wagner and more, played out through 12 MLA Compacts, rigged on each side of the stage, with three DSX subs set up in a cardioid pattern on each side (with the centre sub turned around). Outfills were provided in the form of six Martin Audio W8LM mini line array elements, covering one flank (with trees surrounding the other), while a delay mast, set around 55m back, featured four W8VDQ enclosures in pairs.   DM Audio’s Lars Wern, who also designed the sound system for the event, mixed at least 20 of the events, assisted by Martin Audio’s Martyn ‘Ferrit’ Rowe, who acted as system engineer. The main mix was achieved using a DiGiCo SD8, with monitor and strings premixed on an SD10. Down at the stage, monitor engineer Robert Ernlund doubled as premix engineer.   “Most of the stage area was programmed as ‘hard avoid’ in the Design file,” Wern explained. “We predicted an SPL, 3m from the front of the stage to the farthest point of the audience (about 100m back), to fall by only 4.5db. This worked very well, since you felt like you were only a few metres away from the source even though the distance was 85 metres.”   “We received a lot of positive comments after the show and the management, in particular, was very impressed. Even the local newspaper made reference to the high number of people commenting on the quality of the sound.”     Photo credit: Jan-Olav Wedin

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