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Henry Crallan, Miloco

Henry Crallan (1950–2015)

The Miloco founder and former production manager for Queen and Elton John has died aged 65

Jon Burton, Soulsound, PSNTraining

Mixing FOH: Mixing at zero (VIDEO)

Jon Burton shares some great advice about keeping faders at zero when mixing live

Brandon Carroll, Loudon Stearns, iZoptope, Berklee Online, PSNTraining

iZotope, Berklee Online join forces for free audio production webinars

The US audio software company and Berklee College of Music have partnered to "educate audio production students around the world"

FOH, Rock City, Nottingham, PSNTraining

FOH/systems and monitors: Two sides of the same coin

FOH and monitor engineers have a similar skillset but ultimately different responsibilities, navigating a different set of nuances which can be developed over time, writes Aston Fearon

Wisycom MPR30 IEM receiver

Raycom broadens its horizons

The broadcast specialist is adding live sound frequencies to its business bandwidth

Analogue days are here again: British Grove at 10

Analogue days are here again: British Grove at 10

A studio combining the best of old and new technology, Mark Knopfler's London studio complex is, 10 years from hosting its first commercial sessions, going from strength to strength

Peter Neubäcker, Celemony, Genius!

GENIUS! #23: Peter Neubäcker and Melodyne Direct Note Access

"The question that interested me above all at the time was what a 'sound' actually is and how one can shape it"

Dynamic Range Day 2015

Over $10,000 of kit up for grabs on Friday’s Dynamic Range Day

Win a SSL Sigma, Bowers & Wilkins 685 speakers, NAD VISO HP50 cans and more!

George Massenburg, Genius!

GENIUS! #22: George Massenburg and parametric EQ

To this day, channel EQs based on the designs of Massenburg or fellow pioneers Daniel N. Flickinger and Burgess MacNeal remain ubiquitous

NAB Show 2010, convention floor

Show preview: NAB 2015

What happens in Vegas...

SSL Duality, PanGaia Studios, Stockholm

PanGaia Studios formed in Stockholm (UPDATED)

Launch party attended by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Franz Ferdinand), Eric Racy (Nicki Minaj, Pharrell) and Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy)

All white now: The Hahnenkamm races at 75

All white now: The Hahnenkamm races at 75

The 'Super Bowl of skiing’ turned a quarter of a century old this year, with a little help from Electro-Voice speakers

Dave Martin, Martin Audio, Genius!

GENIUS! #21: Dave Martin and the ‘Philishave’

The twin-driver MH212 was the first ever dedicated cone midrange horn

Stefan Kudelski, Nagra, Genius!

GENIUS! #20: Stefan Kudelski and the world’s first professional-quality portable tape recorder

The reel-to-reel Nagra 1 was approximately the size of a shoebox

Gineke van Urk, Iemke Roos Audio, Integrated Systems Europe 2015

Industry talk: Gineke van Urk, Iemke Roos Audio

Van Urk has been MD of one of the Netherlands’ oldest pro-audio companies since 2003. We drank her coffee and ate her sandwiches at ISE in February

Sennheiser HD 25 ALUMINIUM

Sennheiser counterfeiter convicted by British court

Anton Dyleuski admitted to selling counterfeit headphones worth over £170,000 on Amazon

Troy Miller, Rebecca Ferguson, Capitol Studios

Rebecca Ferguson album first to be recorded, mixed, mastered on PMC QB1-A

Lady Sings the Blues, released on 9 March, is an album of Billie Holiday covers

Rachel Menzies, Native

Rachel Menzies goes Native at Jungle

Menzies, who has over 10 years’ experience in music publishing, will be tasked with business development and music supervision at the Jungle subsidiary

Phil Ward, Andy Tapley, Scott Talbott, Steve Zissler, Jonathan Suffolk, PSNPresents, 12 March 2015

PSNPresents: Photo gallery

A selection of pictures from Thursday night's inaugural event

Sound Training Online, St Patrick's Day sale

Save some green in Sound Training Online’s St Patrick’s Day flash sale

24-hour sale "about the length of time it took St Patrick to run the snakes out of Ireland"

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